Advantages of Outsourcing Steel Detailing Services

November 18, 2020

Structural steel detailing is a critical process of structural engineering and demands near-99% accuracy. Even a tiny error can lead to a loss of valuable time and money. Structural steel detailing is an important and mandatory process in all types of manufacturing and construction activities, such as erection of residential and commercial buildings, factories and institutes, as well as shipbuilding.

The process of steel detailing is a vital ‘communications link’ that connects key professionals such as engineers, architects, contractors, fabricators and others – all of whom are individually and collectively responsible for the highest levels of accuracy at each stage.

Depending on the operations, it is crucial to have engineers that are capable of providing with the in-depth CAD drawings that are needed. Hence it is necessary to outsource the services to professional companies. These companies employs engineers with academic degrees in structural and civil engineering. They are further equipped with in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience in structural steel detailing. These talented professionals have skills in core competencies like design, detailing and drafting.

A professional structural design team is capable of analyzing complex design issues and arriving at solutions that have a significant positive impact on projects. Their knowledge, expertise and experience across diverse domains such as architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical/plumbing design, and in various construction materials such as steel and concrete, provide us the necessary competitive edge.

Let’s look at the specific advantages of outsourcing Steel Detailing Services

Quality Drawings Structural steel may be used for homes, industrial buildings, bridges, and more. The detailing services require in-depth drawings. If you don’t have anyone on your team that understands how to use 2D and 3D drawing software properly, you may need to outsource. By working with a professional engineer, you can ensure that you get the quality, detailed drawings to ensure that the contractors know what needs to be done. You may even be able to have a walk-through model so everyone is aware of what the finished product will look like prior to it being built.

  • Time Savings It can be time consuming to create the various drawings and details. Instead of spending all of that labor, you can outsource and let a professional company provide you with all of the services that you need. You can identify what services you need and allow your team to work on the rest.
  • Cost Savings The cost savings can be significant. You won’t have to hire an engineer and invest in CAD software if you choose to outsource. This will ensure your needs are met without having to hire someone for services that you may only need periodically.
  • Better Reporting One of the first benefit is that you will be able to get better reporting. There are a variety of reports that can be created when premier software is used. This includes material summaries, gather sheets, and more. It will ensure that everyone is on the same page. It will also allow those within fabrication to know exactly what needs to be created while those in finance will be able to attach a value to it for budgeting purposes.
  • More Convenient Information The information that you received from a third party can ensure that the Tekla steel detailing is available when and where you need it the most. This includes being able to place it in dropbox so that you can securely transfer the larger files without any kind of problem.
  • Quality Tools Finally, more tools will be available at your fingertips. The drawings can be integrated into a variety of systems. These will be used not only by the fabrication shops but also by facility managers once the project has been completed. The more drawings and detailings you have, the easier it will be to keep everyone in the know.